The Tangency Jig: Clarifying hauling down and pulling up in English ship design.

Taras Pevny

A characteristic of English design of the 17th century is an elegant method of adjusting the geometry of frame shapes along the length of the hull. A jig was developed by the author to take some of the mystery out of the adjustments known as hauling down and pulling up…



Essay 1 P-Note 1 (27·IV·2014)

Taras Pevny

Richard Barker brought to my attention another potentially early example of a draft with design diagonals that was reproduced in The Mariner's Mirror in 1942 (P-Note Figs.1, 2) (Anderson 1942:Plate 1). Preserved in the Danish Admiralty archives, it is a copy of a French draft of the three deck 112-gun Royal Louis of 1692 built by François Coulomb in Toulon…


Essay 1 (27·IV·2014)

Capturing the Curve: The underlying concepts in the design of La Belle

Occasionally the archaeological ship reconstructor is fortunate enough to encounter the remains of a vessel on which shipwrights' design marks have been preserved. La Belle (1684) has the most extensive and complete set of such marks documented to date…